The Schönbrunn Group bears the responsibility for preserving Austria’s most important cultural monuments and its imperial heritage.

You as visitors can also contribute to preserving our precious historic cultural treasures.

That’s why we kindly ask you to observe the following guidelines:

  • Eating and drinking are not permitted in the historic rooms.
  • Smoking is not permitted.
  • No pets are allowed, with the exception of support dogs.
  • The taking of photographs and/or filming is not permitted.
  • Bags exceeding a size of approximately A4, rucksacks/daypacks, briefcases, camera tripods, umbrellas/parasols or other unwieldy objects may not be carried on tours of the museum. These pose an unacceptable risk of inadvertent damage to the interiors and objects on display. You can leave your possessions in the cloakroom and/or the lockers provided. If needed, you can purchase small bags from our shop to carry necessary personal possessions with you on the tour.
  • It is forbidden to touch the walls, furniture or any other objects. Please keep an appropriate distance from all parts of the interiors and furnishings as well as other objects on display.

Before visiting one of our attractions please inform tour groups and school classes about the unique character of our irreplaceable cultural treasures, and create an awareness and understanding of our cultural heritage.

  • Please keep a close eye on children and never leave them unsupervised.
    Please do not allow children to run around or scream and shout in the rooms.

  • Teachers or supervisors of classes and groups must ensure that children, young people and group members behave in an appropriate manner so that they proceed as a group through the exhibition rooms.

  • Teachers or supervisors of classes and groups are responsible for children’s behaviour.

Please show consideration for other visitors.

  • Keep your voice at an appropriate level.
  • Avoid back-ups or bunching at pinch points and show consideration for others.
  • Do not push or jostle other people.
  • Instructions given by attendants must be followed. Visitors found disturbing other visitors or obstructing the normal operation of tours and/or exhibitions will be asked to leave the building.

The Schönbrunn Group independently generates the financial means to preserve the cultural heritage it manages in the long term. With your admission you contribute to the PRESERVATION OF THE IMPERIAL CULTURAL HERITAGE.  

Preserving (World) Cultural Heritage for Posterity